Aerospace Materials are a family of products that can reduce production time and increase aircraft availability because they require no curing. They also maintain their protective performance for multiple open/close cycles during production and maintenance, eliminating the time required to remove used sealants each time the panel is opened.

In today's competitive aircraft market, increasing the availability of aircraft by improving production efficiency for aircraft OEM's, or by reducing maintenance downtime is critical to meet the demands of today's customers. Spending time waiting for traditional polysulfide sealants to cure is costly, whether during initial prototyping and production, or when taking an aircraft out of service for maintenance and repairs. Additional time is required to scrape these materials off of aircraft surfaces before replacing them during each production and maintenance open/close cycle.

The durable GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials ensure reliable mechanical performance in the most challenging environments. These materials are easy to install because their flexible construction conforms to irregular surfaces, making them more forgivable for gap filling. Their non-hazardous properties result in easier clean-up with a low environmental impact.

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