The environments in which electrical systems are being used today place extreme mechanical and electrical stress on cable performance. Whether used in a spacecraft heading to Mars, a cable providing power to an underground generator, or a commercial aircraft flying overseas, failure is not an option. Gore’s cables deliver high-quality, reliable signals and power to the most advanced electronic systems — even in extreme environments.

Gore's Power / Signal cables are divided to 4 categories as follows

Industrial - Harsh Environments

Using innovative material technologies, Gore's cables maintain high signal integrity even during extreme mechanical stress. common to such challenging industries as energy, shipping, nuclear, semiconductor, transportation, and heavy manufacturing. Whether the function is power or signal delivery, the unique materials used in these cables reduce downtime and increase performance.

Bonded Telemetry Pairs

Gore offers bonded telemetry pairs with the highest transmission stability for marine geophysical exploration applications.

Bonded Telemetry Quad

Data transmission performance of GORE® Bonded Telemetry Quad Cable remains high, consistent, and reliable throughout its life cycle.

High Flex Cable Assemblies For Nuclear Industry

Gore provides reliable, high flex life cable systems for nuclear reprocessing, storage and decommissioning applications.

Geophysical Seismic Cable - Power Pairs

GORE® Power Pairs provide considerable weight and space savings, reduced outer diameter, excellent mechanical stability and insulation integrity, and high electrical performance for streamer cables.

Hook-Up Wires for Oil and Gas Downhole Equipment

Increase design freedom and tool reliability with small, mechanically robust hook-up wires.

High Density Insulated IDC Ribbon Cable for Smaller Spaces

The GTS series of GORE™ IDC Ribbon Cables provide space savings for applications demanding minimal space.

High Performance Color Coded Cable

he GTS811 cable series have industry-standard individual conductor color coding for accurate discrete wire termination and cable polarity identification.

.050" High Temperature Non-Burning IDC Ribbon Cable

The GTX602 series of GORE® IDC Ribbon Cables withstand extreme chemical and thermal environments, are vacuum compatible, and resistant to aging.

Insulated Wires for Oil and Gas Industry

Whether the function is power, signal, magnet, or thermocouple wire, GORE® Insulated Wires are engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions without compromising mechanical and electrical performance.

Hybrid Round Cable

Gore high performance hybrid round cable is electrically and mechanically optimized for high performance in difficult applications.

Industrial - Automation

Available in flat and round configurations, Gore’s cables provide superior flex life performance and excellent durability under the high mechanical stress and demanding environmental conditions encountered in automation applications. These cables are engineered to ensure consistent signal and power delivery while maintaining mechanical integrity under demanding conditions such as extreme mechanical loading, wide temperature ranges, weather elements, and high speed motion.

High Flex Flat Cable

GORE® High Flex Flat Cable can be used in any energy chain or cable track. These cables are the narrowest cable option available and provide a smaller package solution that can reduce cable track size to allow for better utilization of space.

Round Cable For High Flex Applications

Gore cables use unique insulation materials and cable design techniques that transfer fewer stresses, minimizing fatigue.

High Flex Life IDC Ribbon Cable

GORE™ IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables provide reliability and superior flex life performance in demanding environments.

Trackless High Flex Cables

GORE® Trackless High Flex Cables allow automated equipment manufacturers to eliminate cable track. These cables provide increased positioning accuracy, faster speeds, quieter motion, consistent installation, simpler cable management, and cleaner operation.


When mission success is critical, durable GORE® Space Cables and Assemblies improve signal integrity, data transmission, and power delivery among electrical system components in the extreme conditions of outer space.

Space Cables and Assemblies - GEO Applications

Qualified to ESA specifications, ESCC 3901/019 and 021 (with drain wire), GORE® Space Cables for geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) Applications provide the highest quality signals without compromising safety.

Space Cables and Assemblies - High Voltage Power Cables

Running cables in a spacecraft is time-consuming and difficult. GORE® High-Voltage Power Cables reduce the frequency of this task by providing a minimum of 10,000 hours of reliable performance at maximum voltage ratings — ratings that are based on years of test data recorded under actual operating conditions.

Space Cables and Assemblies - LEO Applications

GORE® Space Cables for low Earth orbit (LEO) applications help integration teams stay on schedule and avoid costly downtime. These cables are particularly well-suited for use in satellites, manned space missions, and transport vehicles.

Space Cables and Assemblies - Power Distribution Cables

Reliable power is essential for a successful mission. The cables that deliver the power are just as critical as the power-generating systems. Gore power distribution cables are the most reliable, and their robust design and copper conductors allow for easy installation in tight spaces.

Civil & Military Aircraft

GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials ensure reliable signal transmission, communication and power delivery for military and civil aircraft — performance that complies with global communication standards. Our cables are engineered with a robust insulation to withstand the mechanical stress of flight operations. These highly durable cables are smaller and lighter weight, which reduces operating costs. Their flexible construction results in faster and easier installation.

MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-up Wire

GORE® MIL-W-81822/1A dielectric material features outstanding mechanical toughness and cold flow resistance.

PTFE Hook-up Wire

Gore manufactures a variety of standard and custom PTFE insulated wire for any hook-up application.

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