The environments in which electrical systems are being used today place extreme mechanical and electrical stress on cable performance. Whether used in a spacecraft heading to Mars, a cable providing power to an underground generator, or a commercial aircraft flying overseas, failure is not an option. Gore’s cables deliver high-quality, reliable signals and power to the most advanced electronic systems — even in extreme environments.

Industrial - Harsh Environments

Using innovative material technologies, Gore's cables maintain high signal integrity even during extreme mechanical stress.

Industrial - Automation

Available in flat and round configurations, Gore’s cables provide superior flex life performance and excellent durability under the high mechanical stress and demanding environmental conditions encountered in automation applications.


When mission success is critical, durable GORE® Space Cables and Assemblies improve signal integrity, data transmission, and power delivery among electrical system components in the extreme conditions of outer space.

Civil & Military Aircraft Cables

GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials ensure reliable signal transmission, communication and power delivery for military and civil aircraft

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