Changeable receptacle

Changeable receptacle

Cleanable adapters

Cleanable adapter

FO-BC Series

Outdoor waterproof optical connector with LC connector

FO-BD2 Series

Waterproof I/O Connector to Make Direct Connection with SFP

FO-BH Series

Compact outdoor use waterproof optical connectors

FO-BN Series

Multiple fiber circular connectors, small, waterproof

FO-EX Series (LC type)

Separable fiber optic adapter with LC coupling

FO-EX Series (SC type)

Separable fiber optic adapter with SC coupling

FO-FC Series

Simplex fiber, Type FC/ Conformed to IEC61754-13

FO-LC Series

Simplex/duplex fiber, Type LC/ Conformed to IEC61754-20

FO-MC Series

Small waterproof optical multi pin push-pull connector

FO-SC Series

Simplex/duplex fiber, Type SC/ Conformed to IEC61754-4

PF/CF (easy disconnect)

Duplex fiber, JIS C 5976 (IEC 61754-16) F07 compatible product

PF/CF Series

Duplex fiber, Conformed to IEC61754-16(JIS C 5976)

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