Cable solutions

We offer you application-specific system solutions and also individual components such as tailor-made special cables or cable assemblies. The focus here is on maximum product and service quality, and thus more uptime of the machinery and equipment in which our tailor-made solutions are used.

Our cable solutions are customised precisely to your requirements, regardless of whether they are needed for fixed installation or highly flexible application, be they halogen-free products compliant with international standards, high temperature resistant cables or solutions for cleanrooms.

Gore Power/Signal Delivery

The environments in which electrical systems are being used today place extreme mechanical and electrical stress on cable performance. Whether used in a spacecraft heading to Mars, a cable providing power to an underground generator, or a commercial aircraft flying overseas, failure is not an option. Gore’s cables deliver high-quality, reliable signals and power to the most advanced electronic systems — even in extreme environments.


When consistent performance over time matters, Gore's assemblies are the proven, long-lasting solution for reliable signal integrity, reduced downtime, and easier installation. Gore’s full range of coaxial and microwave/RF assemblies withstand a broad spectrum of challenges such as the wide temperature ranges of outer space, the shock and vibration of flight, and the repeated flexing and mating of test environments. Whether you need a coaxial cable or a precise high-frequency cable assembly, Gore offers a robust solution that performs reliably for the duration of your application.


Gore has supplied high data rate cables and assemblies to customers in telecommunications, computing, spaceflight, and civil and military aircraft industries for more than 40 years. Gore enhances system performance by combining our unique materials and dielectric expertise. Together with industry standard and custom connector offerings, Gore develops high data rate cable solutions that enable low loss and excellent signal integrity particularly beneficial at longer transmission lengths.


Our cable ranges meet the highest quality standards in order to ensure availability of your systems and installations. With the TRAXLINE range, we offer a selection of cables which are cost-effective, flexible and extremely durable. A key factor for our cables is their tested and proven operational reliability, which meets all applicable standards and directives.

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