GORE® Automotive Vents —

Improving reliability while reducing design complexity

OEMs worldwide turn to Gore for advanced automotive venting solutions for gas-powered, hybrid and electric vehicles. GORE® Automotive Vents can extend the reliability and service life of components and reduce design, manufacturing and warranty costs. In automotive lamps, sensors, electronic control units and powertrain components, GORE® Automotive Vents rapidly equalize pressure variations caused by temperature changes while providing a reliable barrier to particulates, debris, water and automotive fluids. More reliable venting performance can reduce the need for heavier housings, seals and gaskets, so component design is less complex, manufacturing costs are reduced, and global cross-platform integration is simplified.

Gore's Automotive vents are divided to 3 categories as follows


They protect sensitive electronics from harsh under-the-hood contaminants, extend the service life of seals and housings, and reduce design, manufacturing and assembly costs.

Today’s gas powered, hybrid and electric vehicles depend on sophisticated electronic control units, sensors and motors to improve vehicle safety, convenience and fuel economy. To perform reliably, these automotive electronic units must withstand pressure differentials and high temperature fluctuations.

Control Units

Automotive control unit vents from Gore are used by OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers worldwide in engine, Antilock brake systems and power steering systems, etc.


Automotive sensor vents from Gore are performance-tested and qualified in the lab, on the vehicle and in the field.


Automotive motor vents from Gore can help to ensure that a starter will start, a wiper will wipe, and a pump will pump…as reliably and durably as the designer intends, and the customer demands.


Hybrid and electric vehicle components require advanced venting products to address the unique challenges, and harsh operating conditions inherent in these technologies.


Automotive lighting vents from Gore block water, automotive fluids and contaminants while effectively reducing condensation and allowing lamps to vent during rapid temperature/pressure differentials. The end result of using GORE® Automotive Vents is to potentially extend the reliability and service life of automotive lamps.

Automotive lighting design requires distinctive styling, advanced lamp technologies and lasting durability to win consumer approval and sustain customer satisfaction, across global markets. Today’s high-performance headlamps, fog lamps, rear lamps or specialty (CHMSL) lamps use sophisticated technologies — from LED or Xenon, to dynamic bending lights and adaptive systems — that demand highly-engineered venting development to ensure lamp performance and lamp housing integrity.


Patented automotive headlamp vents from Gore are proven effective globally in protecting clear lens assemblies from condensation, fluids and environmental contaminants. They help to improve service life, enhance consumer safety, and decrease warranty claims

Fog Lamps

Automotive fog lamp vents from Gore are used and proven reliable in millions of fog lamps worldwide. Our vents effectively manage extreme differentials in temperature, humidity and pressure, so fog lamps are better protected from environmental contaminants and premature failure.

Rear Lamps and Specialty Lamps

Worldwide, automotive rear lamps and specialty (CHMSL) lamps rely on the exceptional performance and durability of GORE® Automotive Vents to improve lamp longevity and vehicle safety. Our vents effectively reduce condensation and protect lamp housings from environmental contaminants, for longer performance life.


These unique vents offer a standardized solution that is easily integrated across global vehicle platforms, and perform reliably in the harshest environmental conditions, for longer component and powertrain service life.

Powertrain component design is more demanding than ever, due to global vehicle platform standards and operating environments, both on- and off-road. New component designs must deliver more robust and reliable performance, while also reducing costs, complexity and time to market.

Fluid Reservoirs

Automotive fluid reservoir vents from Gore effectively manage pressure differentials, and prevent contamination that can degrade reservoir performance.

Powertrain: Drive Train and Drive Line Components

Our vents for drive trains and drive lines are uniquely engineered to solve the functional durability challenges inherent in designing axles, limited slip couplings, transfer cases and transmissions for a global vehicle market.

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